About Us

RealThing Ai is a Voice Technology Company, specializing in Dialogue Systems.

Formed in 2008 as a collective of Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers & developers with 30 years of experience in Defense, Aviation and Research – RealThing Ai started to gain traction in 2012 with the development of its first products including Speech to Speech translation and a number of developer tools. 

In conversation with their personal friend, Graham Innes, who at the time was the Australia’s Disabilities Commissioner, they learned that one of the challenges Graham faced was reading the daily newspapers. Being blind, he did not have access to them until they were days old. This is how the idea of RealThing Ai was born.

In 2014, RealThing Ai developed the first generation of the RealSAM device that allowed visually impaired users to stream audio books, using their voice as the controller.

In 2018, the company launched the product into the UK as RealSAM In Your Pocket and added telephone functionality and a variety of vision support assistants.

In 2019, RealThing Ai commenced operations in the US as it was invited by the National Library Service (NLS), an arm of the Library of Congress, to develop a series of prototypes for them to evaluate. In the US, RealThing Ai operates as RealSAM, Inc.

In 2021, we will launch the RealSAM Pocket, an accessible mobile phone with features geared to people who are visually impaired, blind, have reading disabilities or have other conditions and can benefit from voice operated devices. 

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