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RealSAM Pocket Complete RealSAM Pocket Phone RealSAM Pocket Media Streamer RealSAM Pocket Digital Assistant
RealSAM Pocket on Samsung A32 Device  X X X X
Protective Case    X X X X
Lanyard X X X X
Earphones X X X X
Charger Plug X X X X
Charging Cable X X X X
Voice Operated X X X X
Large Display X X X X
Touch Screen X X X X
Built-in Tutorials X X X X
Emergency Assistance X X X X
Use with WiFi or a mobile plan of your choice X X X X
Free software updates X X X X
Phone Calls X X
Voice Messages X X
Text Messages X X
Contacts X X
650 Talking Newspapers and Magazines X X
Over XXX books X X
XXX Podcasts X X
Internet Radio X X
Indexed and Searchable Audio Content X X
Video Magnifier X X
Reading with OCR X X
Be My Eyes X X
Smart Reminders X X
World Time X X
Weather X X
Tell Me About X X
My Locations X X
What’s Around Here X X
Outdoor Locations X X
Where Am I X X

The RealSAM Pocket device can be used with a WiFi or with a mobile phone plan of your choice. If you choose to use your RealSAM Pocket with a mobile service plan, it will be up to you to source the right plan for you.

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