RealSAM Pocket

For people who are blind, visually impaired or have reading disabilities.

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A Smart Phone. A Content Streamer. A Digital Assistant. RealSAM running on a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

No need to learn a complicated touch screen or struggle with reading small buttons; just press one button and talk. RealSAM Pocket can also connect directly to Bluetooth enabled hearing aids.

Simple to Use. Voice Operated. Many devices in one.
Use via WiFi or with a mobile phone plan of your choice.
No charges for content or services and free software updates.

RealSAM Pocket on the Samsung A32 mobile device helps you:
  • Stay connected with your loved ones through voice activated calls, text messages and voicemail.
  • Access book libraries, podcasts, newspapers, radio stations and other content.
  • Take advantage of handy navigation, information and personal efficiency tools such as Video Magnifier, OCR Reading, Be My Eyes, Smart Reminders, Locations and much more.
Use with Ease and Confidence Stay Connected Access Content Get Assistance
Voice Operated Phone Calls 650 Talking Newspapers and Magazines Video Magnifier
Large Display Voice Messages Over XXX books Reading with OCR
Touch Screen Text Messages Personal Bookshelf Be My Eyes
Built-in Tutorials Contacts XXX Podcasts Smart Reminders
Emergency Assistance Internet Radio World Time
Use with WiFi or a mobile plan of your choice Spotify Weather
Free software updates Indexed and Searchable Audio Content Tell Me About
Where is my RealSAM Pocket My Locations
What’s Around Here
Outdoor Locations


Where Am I

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What is in the box?

RealSAM Pocket device
Follow simple instructions on your device to connect it to a WiFi or insert a SIM card with a mobile plan. 

Protective Case and Lanyard
A bumper case with a lanyard attached to keep it safe and always at hand.

Headset with microphone so you can listen on the go. 

Charger & Cable
A charging plug and USB cable.

Quick Start and Full User Guides
Review your options for easy and speedy set up (or just access them directly on your device).

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RealSAM Users Share Their Stories

“The single button and voice controls are impressive and simple to use” – Graeme I.

“I have spoiled some of my husband’s stories, because now I get the same articles that he reads in the newspapers” – Janene S.

“Thank you for all of your help. I am certain this is going to change my life!” – Judy H.