RealSAM Pocket for Veterans

If you ever served in the US military and interested in the RealSAM Pocket, this page is for you

Are you struggling using commercially available phones?
Have you tried using them and were left frustrated because you found them too complicated to use? Does finding apps or using accessibility gestures on these phones left you disappointed? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we might have a solution for you.


RealSAM Pocket has been designed with the ease of use in mind. This voice-operated phone does not require using any accessibility gestures, guessing where the apps are or trying to see small print. With RealSAM Pocket, you simply tap on the screen and say what you want it to do. A few examples include: “Call Hellen,” “Read me a book by Heminway,” “Open Be My Eyes,” “What’s the time in New York?” or “Where am I?”

Sharon Giovinazzo in front of the World Services for the Blind

Sharon Giovinazzo

President/CEO, World Services for the Blind

Recipient of the US Army Freedom Team Salute presented for ongoing support of the “Army Family,” American Legion Award for Military Excellence and one for Academic Excellence.

As a person who is blind, technology is the true equalizer.  Access to information is vital for a person with a visual impairment to have fair and equal access to the world around them. But today’s [mainstream] smartphone technology has left behind a huge segment of this population. The RealSAM Pocket is truly a simple talking solution for those suffering with vision loss. Whether you are totally blind or dealing with low vision, the RealSAM Pocket will allow you to have access to the applications needed to remain or regain your highest levels of independence.

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Contact your local VA to learn whether you qualify

If you are a legally blind veteran or a veteran who has significant vision loss, you may qualify for a ReaSAM Pocket phone through your VA provider at no cost to you. To check your eligibility, please contact the Visual Impairment Service Team Coordinator (VIST) at your local VA. 

Image of Blinded Veterans Association (BVA)

Get in touch with the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) for additional resources

BVA serves as ambassadors and mentors for all veterans and their families coping with sight loss. BVA is the ONLY congressionally chartered Veterans Service Organization created for, consisting of and led by Visually Impaired Veterans focused on the issues, advocacy and mentorship vital to all veterans and families coping with sight loss regardless of service connection. Contact BVA Member Services to learn about becoming a BVA member.

Still need help?

If you have any questions about the RealSAM Pocket, are unsure whether you qualify or need help connecting with your VA, contact us and we’ll help you with the process.

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