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100,000+ talking books in a voice operated smart phone.

Plus so much more.

Launching Early 2022

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RealSAM in the UK

RealSAM has taken the UK by Storm, where its known as RealSAM : In Your Pocket.  Below is a video of two of our happy users , trying out the new Be My Eyes capability, which means that sighted assistance is always on tap if you need it.

Staying in touch with family and friends has never been more important. RealSAM Pocket is the easy to use Mobile Phone, especially designed for people with Sight Loss.

RealSAM Pocket is able to Make CallsRead Messages, listen to Books or Newspapers and get Assistance just by Using your Voice. No need to learn a complicated touch screen or struggle with reading small buttons; just Press one button and talk. Pocket can also connect directly to other Bluetooth devices, including hearing aids.

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What makes us different from other smart phones?

Fully Voice Operated 30-Day Return Period Entertaining   Simple
Just say ‘Read the New York Times’ ‘Find books by Agatha Christie.’ ‘Call Dr. Smith.’ Try for up to 30 days with unlimited customer support. Stream over 100,000 talking books, 200 newspapers and magazines, or 1000’s of podcasts at no extra cost. Click a button and ask for what you want using natural speech.


Graeme I. Janene S. Judy H.
“The single button and voice controls are impressive and simple to use” “I have spoilt some of my husband’s stories, because now I get the same articles that he reads in the newspapers” “Thank you for all of your help. I am certain this is going to change my life!”

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