RealSAM Pocket

A revolutionary voice operated smartphone for people who are blind or visually impaired

With RealSAM Pocket, you can make calls, communicate with messages, listen to books or other media and get assistance just by using your voice. No need to learn complicated touch screens, look for the apps that are hiding on a screen, or struggle with reading small buttons; just tap on the screen and talk.

6.4' display

5000mAh battery

What makes us different from other smartphones?

Easy to Use

Unlike other phones, there's no need to learn complex accessibility gestures, shuffle through small app icons or remember commands. RealSAM Pocket offers guidance on the go.

Voice Operated

Simply tap on the screen and say what you want the phone to do for you, such as "Call Ben," "Add a contact," "Where am I?" "Remind me to call the Dr" or "Find books by Jack London."

Hearing Aids Compatible

RealSAM Pocket can be connected to hearing aids and other Bluetooth devices. If you use, Phonak hearing aids, you can connect directly. For other Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you may need to use a streaming device.

Unlocked for any Mobile Carrier

RealSAM Pocket is completely unlocked and compatible with any US mobile carrier. You can choose whatever mobile carrier or plan that fits your needs.

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Key Features of RealSAM Pocket

No need to learn complicated touch screens, struggle with reading small buttons or looking for apps; just tap on the screen and talk.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer training and unlimited customer support. Try RealSAM Pocket for up to 30 days without pressure and if you think it’s not the right solution for you, we’ll take it back. 

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Depending on your location, we may offer in-person or virtual demonstration. 

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What RealSAM Pocket Users Say

Testing this product, I found the Tap and Speak protocol for controlling RealSam Pocket was easy to adapt to and worked smoothly.

Michael C Texas, US

I have spoiled some of my husband’s stories, because now I get the same articles that he reads.

Janene S United Kingdom

The single button and voice controls are impressive and simple to use.

Graeme I United Kingdom
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Below are some frequently asked question and answers to these questions. 

RealSAM Pocket is a voice-operated smart assistive device that is designed to be simple to use and of enormous value to people living with low vision and blindness. We install our software on a Samsung mobile phone, and it completely takes over the phone. More than just a phone for the blind, you can use your voice to make phones calls, search for and stream audio books, read today’s newspapers, get navigation or sight assistance and much, much more.

RealSAM Pocket is actually a collection of smart technologies. It is:

The handset that controls basic functions such as speech to text conversion, media playing and making calls. It runs on an Android phone, but the user can’t access Android directly.

A network connection via Wifi or a mobile service provider.

A proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine on the internet, called the Real Dialogue Engine, that figures out what users want by interpreting the user's intent and not just the words and responds intelligently to the user's requests.

A variety of sources of content on the internet including Librivox library, Project Gutenderg, Touch Trust Library, Internet Radio, The Conversation newspapers and a variety of podcast sources.

A web portal that allows users, family, friends and care takers to update some parts of the device.

Though easy to use, RealSAM Pocket has a very complex Dialogue engine that powers the device. The RealSAM Pocket experience would be hobbled in a variety of ways which would frustrate users. Such as having to login regularly.  We would also have to utilize other software attempting to listen in on your conversations with the RealSAM Pocket.

We probably could, but it wouldn’t be viable for you as it generally takes us a minimum of two to four weeks work to get RealSAM Pocket working seamlessly on a new phone.  It would be expensive!

All users get all the updates, so no one ever misses out on features. Also we only change handsets every couple of years because we can’t purchase the old handset anymore. So there’s no need to wait when you can start using it right away.

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