Release Note for RealSAM Server on April 7th, 2023

This Server Release known as USPHONE_230329_C Covers:

General bug fixes:

  • ZT-1677: Realsam can now handle dialogues, even if the dialogue starts with “Hey Google” or “Siri”.
  • ZT-1325: Fixed the word confusions created by ASR. Now realsam can accept any inputs such as Except/Accept, Yea/Yes/Yeah, etc.
  • ZT-1626: Updated dialogue response from “say: help for more information” to “for more information say help”.
  • ZT-1506: Updated dialogue response from “Say Next to Advance” to “To advance say, Next” and “Say Continue to Continue” to “To continue, say, continue”.

Customer Portal:

  • ZT-1445: Improved dialogue response for portal login. Eg: You can login to the customer portal at portal dot real sam dot u s You have the following username and temporary password which has five digits, and is only valid for one hour. You may set your own long term password on the portal. The username is V,A,N,E,S,S,A, A,0,4, , A,N,D,O,R,I,D 1,3, and the password is 1,4,6,8,2. Say again, to hear these again.


  • ZT-1244: Improved the contact name matching algorithm. For example: Realsam can respond to dialogues such as “search for <contact> in my contacts please”.
    • ZT-1437: Phone number formatting based on locations. Realsam can now spell the number as per the country/region.
    • ZT-1481: Added dialogue support to delete the contact from the list, so the user doesn’t need to view the contact in order to remove it. 
      • Eg: Say: List Contacts
      • Then Say: Delete 1 or Delete <Contact name>
      • Also we can Say: Make a call to 5 or Make a phone call to 5
  • ZT-1714: Realsam will not accept words as a phone number while saving a contact, instead it would respond “I got, <number>, but it’s not a valid name. please say the name for the contact , or say go back”.
  • ZT-1520: Added dialogue support for “Do I have a contact named <name>?”
  • ZT-1484: Added dialogue support for “what is telephone number for <Contact name>”.
  • ZT-1631: Added dialogue aliases for making calls,
      • call <contact>
      • please call <contact>
      • can you give <contact> a call
  • ZT-1860: Fixed the order of recent calls while listing them.
  • ZT-1521: Added dialogue support for “What’s my number”.
  • ZT-1589: extended the call contacts dialogue, eg: “hey will you call <contact name>”


  • ZT-1478: Updated the dialogues for accessing messages, now we can able to list read messages, unread messages and sent messages. 
  • ZT-1678: Added aliases for reading text messages 
  • read text
      • text 
      • please go to my text messages
      • read my new texts
      • read text messages
    • ZT-1407: Improve contact search when sending messages.
    • ZT-604: Added aliases for reading messages, “read”, “reed”, “ready”, “rude”.
  • ZT-1834: Fixed the bug with forwarding messages.
  • ZT-1468: Dialogue improvement for user guides and tutorials.

Book Reading:

  • ZT-1557: Added the aliases for book sources listing,
    • book source/sources
    • book library/libraries

Known Issues:

  • While changing voices, If the user says “number #<number>”, the system responds like “I get this person does not seem to be in your contacts”. However the system is able to change the voice if the user just say the “#<number>”.
  • If the user says “Call”, then the response should “Please say call followed by the name or number you wish to call”, but the system is now responding as “Please say call followed by the name you wish to call”.
  • Contact List searching by Letter – System is unable to find the contacts if we search using the letter in the call contact menu of handset.
  • Text Message Forward – The message is sent in full to the designated contact (this previously wasn’t happening), but the system does not confirm that the message has been sent e.g Message sent but returns to the previous action.
  • When reading a book: Where does not work.
  • Need to add book self to the language file.
  • Phone numbers are not pronouncing correctly sometime.
  • When sending a message and you say “cancel” it thinks you want to send a message.

End of Release Note

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