Register your RealSAM Device

Registering your RealSAM device means you can access our support team faster, get an extended warranty and be in the loop for updates and new features!

The Details of your Device

As shown on on the packaging.
The unique 15 Digit Number of your device. Just ask your RealSAM device for its “Device Info”.
E.g. Which VA or State Program, or did you purchase via Amazon, etc?
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Note this does not mean the exact date, if you aren’t sure. Just an estimate is fine.
eg AT&T, Mint Mobile etc.

The Details of You, the User of the RealSAM Device

If we are helping you resolve a RealSAM issue, its better to call you via another number, so you can demonstrate the phone issue (which is really difficult to do if we are calling you on your RealSAM Device).

Extended Warrantee and Your Consent

RealSAM Devices ships with 12 months’ hardware warranty against defects in material and workmanship from the Delivery Date, as detailed in our Terms and Conditions of Sale. By Registering your device with RealThing AI, we will honor a 12 month extension to this period, being 24 months in total.

Other Comments

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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