Release Note for RealSAM Server on December 12th, 2022

This Server Release known as USPHONE_22_12_08  Covers:

Enhancements :

  • ZT-1484 : Improve contact listing and management(confirmations and aliases)
  • ZT-1407 : Improve contact search when sending messages(Confirmation when ambiguous)
  • ZT-1437 : Phone number speech separated correctly based on locality
  • ZT-1324 : AM/FM Radio Fixes  + “list radios” now open radio Talent
  • Phonetic Contact Name Matching

Bug Fixes

  • ZT-1496 : Remove incorrect prompt for user phone number calling.
  • ZT-1485 : Fix message about no contacts
  • ZT-1472 : Fixes for “add contact” issues and help aliases

Added Aliases for:

  • “restart book” 
  • “add contact” 
  • “user guide” & “manual”
  • “title”
  • “delete all books”
  • What am I listing?”
  • “jump forward”
  • ”device information”

Stability Fixes

  • Stability fixes for user guide
  • Dialogue server stability fixes


End of Release Note

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