A Vision for Springtime

It’s May! Dark wintry days are long gone, and Spring is here to greet us with sunshine, showers, and an overall feeling of renewal and growth. For those of us living with sight loss, vibrant colors and beautiful flowers may not be obvious, but whatever vision you have, there are so many ways to enjoy glorious Spring!

Let the sounds of Spring cheer you up!

Take a stroll through the park to hear children playing, laughter, and people all around enjoying the beautiful weather. It may be just the cure for feelings of isolation after having to stay indoors during the colder season.  

Relax. Sit on your comfy patio chair and simply listen to the sounds of birds returning from wherever they’ve been during the long winter months. You may even enjoy learning about the different types of birds living in your area and being able to identify them by their chirps and songs. 

Enjoy spring scents!

 Every season has its unique smells, barbeques in the summer times, evergreens in the winter. In Springtime brings the wonderful scents of flowers, fruits and the world refreshed after a Spring shower. Bring Spring scent indoors with fresheners, essential oils, and Spring bouquets.

Feel the texture of spring!

It can be as simple as sitting in the sunshine before summer takes over and it becomes too hot. Or you can enjoy something hands on like gardening. You don’t have to be an expert, and you don’t need vision to plant flowers in a pot or some herbs for a window box. 

Taste the season!

Spring is a great time to experiment with new recipes. Use fresh spring ingredients such as asparagus, strawberries, and avocados to create delicious meals. If you don’t like to cook, try out a new restaurant serving dishes incorporating in-season ingredients. 

Be creative!

Spring reminds us of renewal and growth and being creative is a perfect way to celebrate the season. There are many tactile crafts to be enjoyed, like knitting, crocheting, weaving, pottery, wood crafting, Braille art, and so much more. Creativity does not require sight. 

Meet up with friends and family!

Cold and inclement weather often prevents us from getting out. Springtime gives us more opportunities to find ways to visit friends and family or invite people over. 

Sprint into action!

 Spring is the perfect time to get physically and socially active. There are many local organizations that host events including sports, leisure, and social activities for blind and visually impaired people. 

Don’t let sight loss be a barrier to a fresh outlook on Spring. Enjoy the season!

By Guenivir Kendrick with help from ChatGPT

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