Acessible Global Time, Date & Weather on your RealSAM Pocket

The RealSAM Pocket is fully voice operated and accessible for people with diverse needs. Pocket not only makes it easier for users to stay connected, but they also have many features that make information easy to access.

Two helpful features include global time and date and global weather. Both tools are available on the RealSAM Pocket—and yes, they are accessible by voice.

Global Time & Date

RealSAM can tell you what time it is where you are and anywhere else in the world.

Just press the “tap to talk” button and ask, “What time is it?” RealSAM will automatically know that you’re asking for your location and will tell you the time date where you are.

Ask what time it is in major cities. Press “tap to talk” and ask, “What time is it in New York?” “What time is it in London?” “What time is it Tokyo?”

Even if it’s not a popular city, add the name of the state or country and RealSAM will be able to give you the time and date for that location. Ask, ‘What time is it in Colorado Springs, Colorado?” “What time is it in Hackensack New Jersey?” “What time is it in Port Antonio Jamaca?”

RealSAM will tell you the time and date like this, “The time is 17 minutes past 5 AM on Wednesday, June 28, at Washing District of Columbia, United States.”

Do you have family and friends around the world? You’ll be able to get in touch at just the right moment when you use Pocket to find out what time it is where they are.

Global Weather

Will the weather be right for a walk in the park? Get the forecast from your RealSAM Pocket and make your plans for the day.

Press the “tap to talk” button and ask, “What is the weather?” RealSAM can tell you the weather where you are and the forecast for the day.

Do you have plans for the week? You can plan your activities accordingly when you ask, “What is the forecast?” RealSAM can provide five-day weather forecasts. You’ll be able to find out if it’s clear or rainy and all the highs and lows for the next five days.

If you’re taking off for vacation, it’s just as easy to ask RealSAM for the weather forecast anywhere around the globe. Just “tap to talk” and ask, “What is the forecast for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?” RealSAM will take just a moment to find the coordinates then give you the specific forecasts for the location you’re inquiring about.

RealSAM aims to make information accessible

RealSAM aims to help people with easy-to-use devices that make the world more accessible. If you’re living with sight loss or other disabilities, you can use your voice to find out more with the RealSAM Pocket.

By Guenivir Kendrick

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