Blind Abilities Podcast – RealSAM Pocket Launching in the U.S. Soon!

Blind Abilities – February 16

Listen to the full podcast:

Podcast Summary:

Brendan Lewis joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities Studio and gives an overview of the RealSAM Pocket and the US Launch Plan.  The RealSAM Pocket is the easy to use smartphone, especially designed for people with sight loss. RealSAM Pocket is able to Make Calls, Read Messages, listen to Books or Newspapers and get Assistance just by Using your Voice. No need to learn a complicated touch screen or struggle with reading small buttons; just Press one button and talk. Pocket can also connect directly to other Bluetooth devices, including hearing aids.

About Blind Abilities:

“When we share what we see through each other’s eyes, we can then bridge the Gap between the limited expectations and the realities of Blind Abilities.” The Free Blind Abilities App is the quickest way to reach your High School students, College bound Students and those seeking information about Blindness. All of our podcasts and blogs are created by fellow blind/Visually Impaired people who have or are breaking down the obstacles and sharing their experiences. To learn more about Blind Abilities Podcast, click here.

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