Florida Vision Technology Interview with RealSAM Pocket

On today’s video, Jose Cintron from Florida Vision Technology speaks with Anat Nulman from RealThing AI about the RealSAM Pocket. 

“A lot of times I get phones calls in my office, asking me “Is there a phone out there made specifically for someone who is visually impaired?” And I used to tell them “You know, not really.” until recently. There is a new phone on the market, called the RealSAM Pocket. This is done by a company called RealThing Ai.”

The RealSAM Pocket is a mobile phone that has been designed to help people who are blind, have low vision, experience memory loss or have reading difficulty control their phone with their voice. Making phone calls, sending text messages, adding contacts and even receiving sighted assistance are just a few things one can do with this amazing device with ease. Come learn about the RealSAM Pocket and witness firsthand how easy it is to use.

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