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Do you work with people who are visually impaired and are interested in the latest in assistive technology?


RealSAM Pocket

A revolutionary voice operated smartphone for people who are blind or visually impaired

Have you worked with clients, consumers or patients who have struggled using commercially available phones? If so, we have a solution!

RealSAM Pocket – the first of its kind device – that was designed as a voice-operated phone that is friendly and easy to use. With RealSAM Pocket, your clients or patients can make calls, communicate with text messages, listen to books and other media, and get assistance just by using their voice. No need to learn complicated touch screens, look for apps that are hiding on a screen, or struggle with reading small buttons; just tap on the screen and talk.

After 4+ years in the UK, RealSAM Pocket is making its debut in the US.

Be among the first ones to learn about the RealSAM Pocket for the people you serve.

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Sharon Giovinazzo in front of the World Services for the Blind

Sharon Giovinazzo

President/CEO, World Services for the Blind

As the leader of the most comprehensive vocational rehabilitation center in the world, we are often asked for a piece of technology for seniors and those who have disabilities that limit a person’s ability to remember complex commands and gestures. We have not previously found a solution that would fit that order, until now. The RealSAM Pocket is truly a simple talking solution for those suffering with vision loss. Whether you are totally blind or dealing with low vision, the RealSAM will allow you to have access to the applications needed to remain or regain your highest levels of independence.

Key Features of RealSAM Pocket

No need to learn complicated touch screens, struggle with reading small buttons or looking for apps; just tap on the screen and talk.

Sounds interesting? Let's get started...

What makes RealSAM Pocket unique?

Easy to Use

All you have to do is tap on the screen and speak what you want the device to do, using natural speech.

Fully Voice Operated

Just say ‘List Podcasts,’ ‘Find books by John Steinbeck,’ ‘Call Dr. Smith,’ "Where am I?" or "Open magnifier."


Stream books from 4 libraries, 1000’s of podcasts and radio stations, and The Conversation newspaper at no extra cost.

What RealSAM Pocket Users Say

Testing this product, I found the Tap and Speak protocol for controlling RealSam Pocket was easy to adapt to and worked smoothly.

Michael C Texas, US

I have spoiled some of my husband’s stories, because now I get the same articles that he reads.

Janene S UK

The single button and voice controls are impressive and simple to use.

Graeme I UK

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