Tech Connect Live – RealSAM Accessible Voice Activated Phone w/ Anat Nulman – Episode 1

“Why was the cell phone wearing glasses?” or “What happens when you crossbreed a cellphone and a skunk?”…

If you want to hear the answers to these questions and learn about the RealThing Ai and RealSAM Pocket, watch this fun and informative conversation between Luke Scriven and Cory Ballard from the Vision Forward Association and Anat Nulman with RealThing Ai.

This is Episode 1 in a series of 2 Episodes. You can tune in live to the second episode  on February 16th at 12pm EST/9am PST on Vision Forward’s Tech Connect YouTube Channel.

From the producers of the show:

“This week, we sit down with Anat Nulman to discuss the RealSAM Pocket, a accessible cell phone that can be completely controlled with one’s voice, that uses a Samsung Galaxy as a hardware base and is compatible with all major cell carriers and data plans. Join us and learn how the RealSAM works and how it might compare to other options.”


  • 0:00 Intro and Jokes
  • 10:55 Guest speaker: Who is Anat Nulman?
  • 13:00 RealSAM Pocket phone itself compared to other smartphones
  • 19:50 Out of the box setup and use, touchscreens and gestures vs tapping 25:50 Phone calls and creating contacts with audio alone
  • 32:34 Text Messages
  • 39:50 Auditory Contrast and voice options
  • 49:00 Wrap up and suggestions for a Part 2 Review of the RealSAM Pocket
A screenshot of the split screen. On the left and Luke and Cory in the recording studio and on the right is Anat holding the RealSAM Pocket in her right hand.
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