5 Accessible Games for Holiday Fun

An assortment of classic games represented by their game boards and game pieces strewn about. Games include Chess, Checkers, Dominos, Trouble, etc. – 5 Accessible Games for Holiday Fun

Does your family or group of friends enjoy playing board games during holiday get-togethers? Make your game day inclusive with accessible games that can be played by blind and visually impaired friends and family. Here are 5 accessible games and activities that’s sure to bring lots of fun and new memories.

1.   Accessible Classic Games

There are a lot of new and exciting board games out there. But there’s always something cozy about going back to classic games like chess and checkers. Many of these games have been adapted for blind and visually impaired players. For example, chess for low vision could include high contrast boards with raised squares and chess pieces with pegs that fit securely onto the board. This way, everything is tactile, and pieces can be felt without getting knocked over.

Other classic games that are readily accessible with large print, Braille and other tactile modifications include playing cards, Uno cards, dominos, Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect Four, Monopoly, Bananagrams, Scrabble, and Mancala.

2.   Make Accessible Modifications

With creativity you can modify games that aren’t normally blind friendly. Pick a game you regularly play. Or try something new during the holiday season. You can make games accessible for someone with sight loss. Bump dots and tactile/puff paint can be used to mark pieces or define spaces on a board. Black or brightly colored stickers can make other game elements more visible for low vision players. Adding large print or Braille labels can make other types of game cards accessible. By taking a few little steps, everyone can join in.

3.   Accessible Games for Gift Exchange

Exchanging gifts is a highlight during the holiday season. There are plenty of fun gift exchange games to play at Christmas parties. For example, you can pick names out of a hat and play Secret Santa. For a White Elephant gift exchange game, participants bring wrapped gifts. Everyone gets assigned a number and people pick a gift to open when it’s their turn. There are rules for stealing gifts and other fun twists.

If you’re hosting a gift exchange, make sure it’s an accessible game. Make sure that someone who has visual impairment will be able to read a name or number they pick. You can do this by using a Braille labeler or using large print text. Consider where it would be easiest for them to sit during the game. And be sure to describe items and events verbally so they can fully participate.

4.   Play Audible Games

Adapt visual games into audible accessible games. Use audible word clues instead of gestures for Charades and pictures for Pictionary. How about an accessible open-ended game? You can go around giving each person a time limit for telling and continuing a story. Play 20 questions with the kids. Creativity can really go a long way, especially when you’ve got the whole family or group spending much sought after time together.

5.   RealSAM Can Come in Handy for Accessible Game Time

RealSAM Pocket can come in handy during game time. Just use the built-in video magnifier to enlarge game cards and zoom in to see the game board. You can also use the object text recognition tool to read information. It’s capable of reading all types of texts including handwriting. For example, you’ll be able to use your Pocket to take a picture of your Secret Santa pick. You won’t have to worry about spilling the beans by having another person read your pick. Your RealSAM will be able to read it to you, making it a more accessible game.

If you have a loved one or a friend experiencing sight loss, RealSAM Pocket are fully accessible by voice. It’s friendly and easy to use and can help someone stay connected and independent in so many areas. Find out more about RealSAM features that make a difference for those who are blind or visually impaired when you visit our Online Shop.

A Winning Move

Whatever games or activities you enjoy during the holidays, being able to spend time with friends is really what makes it all so special. And with just a few considerations and a little bit of effort to make things more accessible, you can truly include the whole family regardless of their visual impairments.

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