Spotlight on RealSam Interview

by Blind Android Users

In our “Spotlight” segment, we are joined by Brendan Lewis and Sharon Giovinazzo to talk about a phone created especially for the blind called RealSam Pocket. If you struggle with the smartphone, then, RealSam is what you need!

Sharon Giovinazzo is an innovative and visionary leader of the world’s most comprehensive vocational rehabilitation center for people with visual impairments, World Services for the Blind (WSB). Sharon holds a Master of Business Administration and Master of Social Work.

Sharon is the recipient of multiple awards, including the Tom Phifer Award from the Arkansas Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired for outstanding contributions in the field of rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired, the US Army Freedom Team Salute presented for ongoing support of the “Army Family”, American Legion Award for Military Excellence and one for Academic Excellence, and the Roxann Mayros Organizational Champion Award in recognition and appreciation of innovative leadership to grow and strengthen the organization to better serve individuals with blindness and low vision.

Brendan Lewis is the President, USA at RealThing Ai. More about Brendan can be found on our Team page.

Blind Android Users YouTube Channel: Making Android Speak for itself and demystifying the myth about its accessibility from a blindness perspective! At Blind Android Users, we strive to make Android understandable, thus demystifying the claim by some who continue to perpetuate the myth among unsuspecting blind folks that Android isn’t usable by the blind. For this reason, Blind Android Users exist to set the record straight and provide tools, tutorials (in both written and audio) via our weekly podcast (Blind Android Users Podcast) where we go through what Android is all about and how to use it as a blind or visually impaired person.

Android is the world’s biggest mobile platform and at Blind Android Users, we intend to make it possible for blind and visually impaired people to fully take advantage of the platform.


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